About Us

We are a small limited company based in Workington with two missions:

  • To increase educational opportunities in West Cumbria

  • To support the development of mathematics curriculum and delivery nationally

We understand education can be very difficult to access and often causes stress and anxiety, particularly amongst individuals who have been out of education for many years. It is with great care we aim to make the learning experience personalised, motivating and exciting for our clients.

Our small teaching team has over 25 years teaching experience in FE and secondary education, while also having strong ties with national curriculum development agencies and first hand experience working with industry.

Our tutors all hold full post-graduate teaching qualifications and are subject to DBS checks. Our team also continues with their own academic research and development such that our skill set is never static nor outdated.

 Our Teaching Room in Moss Bay House and Director James Kuechel.

“Why Red Pike ?” 

To name our company after not one, but two of West Cumbria’s most beautiful fells is to embody our ethos of aspiration and achievement. I’ll never forget the first time I saw the Lake district as a young boy, peaks glimmering in the sun’s fading atlantic red skies, the rocky heights seeming indominatable. But conquering those towering fells then, and now once again as an adult, is as empowering and heart-filling as ever. To rise up above the world and view the sheer beauty that surrounds us is something truly special.

James Kuechel BSc PGDE MA